From an email to our Inside Service Manager: “I must tell you that you are the friendliest, most responsive individual that I have ever dealt with throughout this entire project. Keiser is lucky to have you because you make the company look very caring and professional.“

- John M. Fichera Jr.

“We want to extend our thanks to everyone for the outstanding job that was done on our home.  From the behind the scenes players at the plant, to the set crew, your speed and precision was fun to watch.”

- R. and D. Kend

“Thank you for the great tour, we must say again, we are more impressed than we thought we’d be!  Not only with the process, the quality and the designs, but the plant operation was so clean and organized and BUSY!  Dan did a great job showing us around, and we thank him for his time.”

- B. and L. Cuddy

“We were extremely satisfied with the quality and appearance of our home.  We got exactly the floor plan and house we wanted, at a price we could afford!”

- D. and L. Sjostedt

Cost Benefit

Your Keiser product is built to deliver both peace of mind and value through:


  • Every Keiser product is constructed to all applicable building codes in a controlled environment, free from the elements, and undergoes a rigorous quality assurance process by both internal and third-party inspectors.
  • Every Keiser product is drawn utilizing Computer Aided Design by our in-house engineering department, and all drawings are reviewed by an independent, third-party agency.
  • Because every Keiser product is transported to the job site at highway speeds, it is built to a higher durability standard, with materials and craftsmanship that will outperform what is required of site built construction.
  • Our dedicated service department and established, independent network of builders are widely recognized as leaders in the industry.


  • Our trained, experienced and specialized workforce builds in a closed setting and on a set schedule, eliminating the uncertainty, waste and time variance that can come from working outdoors and relying on unaffiliated subcontractors.
  • The entire Keiser process is optimized based on over twenty years of experience of building hundreds of modules per year in the same facility. Jigs, overhead cranes, material staging areas and service connection points are staged along the production line at appropriate points to speed and ease the construction process.
  • Because we purchase our materials in bulk, it enables us to pass along the savings to you, resulting in a finished product built using top-of-the-line components at a significantly reduced price.
  • Off site production allows site work such as clearing, pouring of foundation and installation of septic system to be conducted on the job site as the building is being built.


  • Every Keiser product is built with sustainability and energy efficiency in mind, with standard features helping to deliver years of savings in both power and maintenance costs.
  • Financing options on Keiser products are similar to those of standard site-built products, with a shortened building schedule allowing for a reduced term on most construction loans.