From an email to our Inside Service Manager: “I must tell you that you are the friendliest, most responsive individual that I have ever dealt with throughout this entire project. Keiser is lucky to have you because you make the company look very caring and professional.“

- John M. Fichera Jr.

“We want to extend our thanks to everyone for the outstanding job that was done on our home.  From the behind the scenes players at the plant, to the set crew, your speed and precision was fun to watch.”

- R. and D. Kend

“Thank you for the great tour, we must say again, we are more impressed than we thought we’d be!  Not only with the process, the quality and the designs, but the plant operation was so clean and organized and BUSY!  Dan did a great job showing us around, and we thank him for his time.”

- B. and L. Cuddy

“We were extremely satisfied with the quality and appearance of our home.  We got exactly the floor plan and house we wanted, at a price we could afford!”

- D. and L. Sjostedt

General Contractors

With an eye toward efficiency, value and unsurpassed quality, Keiser products are designed to dramatically simplify your construction needs, allowing you to finish projects on schedule and with results that are eye-opening.

No matter the size or scope of the project, Keiser’s modules are designed to deliver peace of mind to builders and clients, incorporating a level of detail and structural integrity that allow you to focus more heavily on clearing, foundation, infrastructure and other site work requirements before your order arrives.

Because Keiser products arrive delivered to your clients’ specifications with virtually limitless fits, finishes and fixtures available, and sprinklers, plumbing, electrical, and telecom systems pre-installed, field coordination is simplified and construction time is shortened. Once the site and foundation are complete, Keiser controls the site for a short window of time as your building is erected at up to 10 units per day.

If you are interested in joining Keiser’s industry-leading network of independent builders, or simply learning more about the Keiser Value Proposition, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone at 1-888-333-1748, e-mail (sales@keisermaine.com), or to fill out our information request form.