From an email to our Inside Service Manager: “I must tell you that you are the friendliest, most responsive individual that I have ever dealt with throughout this entire project. Keiser is lucky to have you because you make the company look very caring and professional.“

- John M. Fichera Jr.

“We want to extend our thanks to everyone for the outstanding job that was done on our home.  From the behind the scenes players at the plant, to the set crew, your speed and precision was fun to watch.”

- R. and D. Kend

“Thank you for the great tour, we must say again, we are more impressed than we thought we’d be!  Not only with the process, the quality and the designs, but the plant operation was so clean and organized and BUSY!  Dan did a great job showing us around, and we thank him for his time.”

- B. and L. Cuddy

“We were extremely satisfied with the quality and appearance of our home.  We got exactly the floor plan and house we wanted, at a price we could afford!”

- D. and L. Sjostedt


A Proud Tradition

Since 1987, Keiser has been a leader in the construction of system-built homes, setting industry standards in craftsmanship, personal and attentive customer service, and product innovation. Keiser employees understand first and foremost that people live and work in the homes and commercial buildings we construct. Because of this, every Keiser product is built with the same level of scrutiny, timeliness, structural integrity, and quality materials we would expect for our own homes and places of business.

The Experience

The Keiser experience begins with our state-of-the-art, climate-controlled Oxford, Maine, facility where each Keiser home and building module is crafted by skilled hands, free from the rain, wind and snow inherent to site-built construction. All projects employ the same or superior structural materials as their site-built counterparts, follow a promised schedule unaffected by weather or multiple subcontractors, and undergo rigorous review by Keiser’s own onsite inspector and a licensed third party inspector.

Whether you are a homebuyer, a builder or a developer, the Keiser experience is one of flexibility and value. From custom home designs to plumbing fixtures, Keiser will incorporate your ideas and wishes into your product. Keiser’s standard products, meanwhile, emphasize value, utilizing reasonably priced products with strong warranties and product reputation. Whether custom or standard, Keiser homes and buildings are constructed to provide decades of comfortable and functional enjoyment.

Building For Tomorrow

Keiser Homes are built with energy efficiency in mind. As the art and science of green building have evolved, Keiser has led in the availability of sustainable options, making certain best practices standard throughout our product line. Keiser is an Energy Star Partner, has built an LEED registered home, and makes standard in all of our products: low VOC paints and adhesives, loose fill cellulose ceiling insulation, and eave baffles to prevent the wind wash of insulation. Keiser has further pushed the limits of green construction by developing with Kaplan Thompson Architects of Portland, ME, a “net zero” system-built home, generating as much renewable energy as it consumes in one year. For more information, click here.

The Future & Beyond

Charting a strong course forward we provide our customers with synergies not available from any other system-built manufacturer. We invite you to explore our website, visit one of our builders and come to the factory for a tour. Once you witness our way of building, we are confident you will choose to build with us.